Founding Year 2001
The Greek Society of Education Historians (GSEH) is a scientific corporation, established in 2001. Its founder, Professor Joseph Bouzakis (History of Modern Greek Education and Comparative Education - University of Patras) was also its first Chairman (2001-2011).
Aims of the corporation, according to its statute, are the following:
1. to promote the scientific field of "History of Education" and the historical research by and large,
2. to conduct and reinforce the research in the field of "History of Education", as well as to boost international educational research in general,
3. the study and scientific analysis of problems according to Greek education (based on other countries' educational experience and the conclusions of international education research and studies) in order to form alternative education policy suggestions,
4. to develop cooperation with international -relevant to the corporation- scientific establishments and societies, as well as to implement, in collaboration with them, research programs and conduct conferences, seminars and other scientific events,
5. to conduct seminars, symposiums and conferences on "History of Education" and historical research by and large, mainly addressing to teachers, as well as all those interested in educational issues,
6. to publish a scientific journal and important for the scientific field of "History of Education" scientific works.
G.S.E.H. has Founding, Regular, Corresponding and Honorary members. The Founding members were 34. Nowadays the Regular members are over 160 persons, both in Greece and abroad.
Until now, G.S.E.H. has published 14 issues of its journal and conducted many conferences and seminars relevant to its founding aims.
The administration and function bodies of the corporation are: the General Assembly, the Administrative Council and the Audit Committee.
The Administrative Council is elected every 2 years.